Feldenkrais on his method for children with cerebral palsy Interview from 1981

par Nicolas RAGOT & Nadège GIGAN

In his video you will hear Dr. sc. Moshe Feldenkrais exposing a few decisive criteria charcterizing his successful work with cerebral palsy infants and young children, criteria which in fact are not different from any other kind of functional skill learning :

1. Repetition and invariance,
2. Learning process resulting thrugh the invariant repetitions contrary to any reflex-based therapy, 
2. good mood of the both, practitioner and the child, resulting from a good feeling of the both during the sessions,
3. individual approach between the practitioner and the child, an approach which is diametrically opposed to any impersonal, the so called medical approach based only on reflections and unable to initiate any learning processes, 
4. personal affection and enthusiasm resulting in spontaneous friendship (the "you and me" concept of Martin Buber).